Vastu shashtra is an ancient science of architecture and construction. These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vastu shashtras incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and utilizing geometric patterns symmetry and directional alignments.

What is the Objectives of Vaastu ?
Bastumatrasya Saratham Mukhya Sathyasusidhwaya !
Saumanasyam Phalam Sarbbam Bastugnati Bilakshyatam !!

Above Shloka means : Main Objectives of Vaastu Shashtra are to have domestic & mental peace, happiness, good health, good children, financial prosperity and fulfilling of desires.

Vaastu Shashtra helps us for proper utilisation of resources and ultimately helps us to advance our life and career. Defects in Vaastu (working or residential) usually bring sorrows, failures and disappointments in life. So, Vaastu should be built according to Vaastu rules.

Who had contributed concepts of Vaastu Shashtra ?

Bhriguratirbbashishtascha Vishwakarma Yamastatha !
Naradonagnajischaiba Vishalaksha Purandara !!
Brahma Kumaro Nandish Shounakagarga Eba Cha !!!
Ashtadashaite Bikhyata Vaastushatropadeshaka !!!!

Vaastu Shashtra was brought in to light by eighteen Sages like : Vrigu, Atri, Bashistha, Yama, Vishwakarma, Narada, Bishalaksha, Purandara, Brahma, Kumar, Nandish, Shounaka, Garg, Nagnajit, Basudeva, Anirudha, Shukra and Vrihaspati for betterment and over all welfare of human society.

Does Vaastu Always work ?
Yes. If you get it right, Applications of Vaastu Concept always improves your living and work condition. But Vaastu is not a magic cure all for every one of your problems. Remember that Vaastu represents only one third of the trinity of luck. If you are not fated to become a big tycoon, Vaastu may make you rich, but not seriously wealthy! That depends on your heaven luck. And if your home enjoys good Vaastu environment you will find yourself becoming more busy. You will be presented with opportunities to enhance your life or improve your income. You must create your own mankind luck by griping opportunities, and accepting your good fortune.

How do I know if my home or working place had bad Vaastu ?
You know something is wrong if you suffer a series of unfortunate occurrences shortly after moving into a new home or living in an existing house e.g. if your family take turns getting sick, or you losing your job for no good reason, or getting involved in an accident, or facing obstruction in the path of career, to maintain good relationship or to enjoy liberties, perhaps it might be useful to check whether something harmful is affecting the Vaastu energies of your home and working place.

How to get good Vaastu consultation ?
Vaastu consultation can be obtained by onsite or offsite consultation by a Vaastu Expert. But it is very difficult to find one with vast experiences in various fields of Vaastu. Mr. Bhaskar Das is a Vaastu expert with 31 years experiences in different fields of Vaastu. See client list and his professional profile.

Why Online Vaastu Consultation ?
We are living in a busy life. It sometimes becomes very difficult to find enough time to have personal meeting and consultation from to take decisions on PROPOSED & EXISTING residence, office, shop, property etc. Online Vaastu Services will be
(1) Time friendly
(2) Cost friendly
(3) Detailed with written report with sketches.

What We Offer
Our extensive and ever-expanding catalogue of products include - Offsite Vaastu Consultations at very affordable prices on
o Proposed site selection (for residence, office, stores, shop, godown, project etc)
o Existing site assessment, correction, upgrading of residence, office, stores, shop, godown, project etc
o Kid & children s bedroom
o Your specific Vaastu query in relation to residence, office, stores, shop, godown, project, children room etc.

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Can I get after purchase service ?
If you face any problem to understand any point in Vaastu report, you may send email mentioning such specific points. Your queries will be answered within a few day (say within a week).


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