Activating Business Place

Activate & Transform Office& Business Place with POSITIVE ENERGIES without any removal and changes

Energy Balance is an ADVANCE Vaastu Concept of estimating and understanding energy pattern of Office & Business Place and correct it by ground acupuncture in case of a office & business place is situated on ground and by applications of ENERGY-CHIPS at sensitive points in case office and business places is situated in upper floors / apartment.


Why you need Activating Your Office & Business Place ?

Vaastu quality of a land and Buildings in an Industrial estate / city is not always virgin. Energy pattern of a working place / shed / manufacturing unit normally upset or reduced due to wrong filling items on land (plot) old age of building, long use, poor maintenance, historical burdens, leakages, seepage, corrupted building materials, added electrical & EMR appliances, underground faults etc. It is not always possible to alter or change /all above defects.

Activating Office, Business place by ENERGY BALANCE can help upgrading energy level with no structural change.


  • If your business and its growth is interrupted, even after hard works and enough efforts ...
  • If you manufacturing unit is running with losses or facing machine break-down, workers' unrest, low performances, poor quality of products, unable to utilize your capacities and so on ...
  • If you want to select a new land / property for expansion ...
  • When you want to extend your existing sheds ...
  • When you want to install new machines and to add new bore well, power point etc ...
  • When you want to separate or mak e partitions or sell any portion of your of your unit ...


    Energy Balance

  • Reduce cost of production, losses of time / efforts / resources & increase gains in business.
  • Help eleminating wrong associates and connect you with right people.
  • Improve machine health and reduces break-down.
  • Improve workers attitude and inter-personal relations for ber roductions.
  • ENERGY BALANCE can enhance your speed of performances / keep your unit active with orders/ bring more profits and scopes.
  • Invites more scopes for investments and growth.

REQUIREMENTS Drawing of Home / Residence in scale with direction marking on layout plan