Activating Home

Activate & Transform Home with POSITIVE ENERGIES without any removal and changes

Energy Balance is an ADVANCE Vaastu Concept of estimating and understanding energy pattern of HOME and correct it by ground acupuncture in case of a Bungalow or similar house and applications of ENERGY-CHIPS at sensitive points in case of Apartments.

As # Healthy, wealthy & peaceful place

BY # ENERGY-BALANCE Without structural change or removal


Why you need Activating Home ?

Vaastu quality of a residence in a modern city is not always virgin. Energy pattern of HOME normally upset or reduced due to old age of building, long use, poor maintenance, historical burdens, leakages, seepage, corrupted building materials, added electrical & EMR appliances, underground faults etc. It is not always possible to alter or change /all above defects.

Activating Home by ENERGY BALANCE can help upgrading energy level of HOME with no structural change.


You may Require Activation of Home by ENERGY-BALANCE in any of the following situations beacuse, energy patterns are usually changes in following conditions -

  • If your Home is old and scopes of structural changes are not there ...
  • If you are living in a Vaastu-approved Home or using a vaastu-friendly Office BUT not getting expected results ...
  • If your happiness, health, career, financial growth and progress of children are interrupted, even after hard works and enough efforts ...
  • If you manufacturing unit is running with losses or facing machine break-down, workers' unrest, low performances, poor quality of products, unable to utilize your capacities and so on ...


Energy Balance Ensures -

Clarity & peace of mind, better understanding, communications and relationship, domestic happiness, better conjugal life, happiness and settlements of children, better Career planning, smoother Cash-flow, strong financial foundations.

REDUCES frequent illness, misunderstandings at home, domestic violence, conflict for property matters, Blaming for nothing, disputes in common issues, depressions etc..

REQUIREMENTS Drawing of Home / Residence in scale with direction marking on layout plan