The concept of Online Advance Vaastu Services is formulated on the basis of tested formulas of
Indian Vaastu Shashtra, Feng Shui and Geomancy by
Bhaskar Das Vaastu Professional

Bhaskar Das
Vaastu Professional





Why Online Consultation?

It is because we are living in a busy life. It sometimes becomes very difficult to find enough time to have personal meeting / consultations to take decisions. Online consultation will be

  • Time friendly

  • Cost friendly

  • More detailed and

  • It will provide written report with rough sketches & suggestions within few hours

When you need Vaastu Consultation for Existing... ?

  • Facing problems of health, wealth, happiness & growth at your residence.

  • Facing problems of business growth in Office, shop, stores, showroom, godown.

  • When you want to renovate and upgrade your residence, office, store, showroom, shop etc.

  • When you want to add floor-spaces of adjacent residence, shop, office and business place.

  • When you want to sell a part of your existing property, residence, shop, store, godown etc.

What you will get in report ?

Online Vaastu Report will cover following points with rough sketch

  • Comments on facing of property

  • Comments on main entry

  • Comments on shape, earth and heaven factors

  • Comments on toilets, kitchen, pantry and other utility areas

  • Comments master and other cabins, accounts, marketing sections etc in case of office

  • Comments on Master bedroom and other rooms in case of a residence

  • Comments on cash counter, dealing counter and other important areas of a shop / store

  • Comments on storing and operating areas for a godown

  • Comments on Magnetic axis and atmospheric energy patterns

  • Comments on % merits of the given space

  • Suggestions for corrections of vaastu defects, if any

  • Comments on % of merit after up gradations

  • Guidelines for maintaining good energies and Vaastu merits.

Above assessments will be helpful for you to understand, and upgrade your existing residence, office, shop, store, showroom, godown etc. as Vaastu & Energy friendly and Lucky.

Requirements for ONLINE
Vaastu-selection Consultations

Online consultations are offered for Residential Flats,
Office, Business shop, showroom, store, Plot / property, godown etc, you want to purchase etc. Following things and information are required for ONLINE Consultation.


  1. Clear & readable drawing

  2. Directions marked on the drawing

  3. Specific queries

  4. Doubt - (if you have any) with residence / shop / office / showroom / godown etc.


Why Vaastu for Home ?

Every human being needs a HOME. A home means a place which ensures Good Health,

  • Good understanding amongst family members

  • Good attitude

  • Peace of mind

  • Conjugal Happiness

  • Better relationship

  • Good upbringing of children

  • Feelings of togetherness at home

  • Financial stability

  • Attraction towards home etc.

Why Vaastu for Retail outlet ?

Application of Vaastu Concept in a Retail outle attracts

  • More customers

  • More sales and

  • A better mood for the people who work in the store

Processes of ONLINE Consultations

After receiving drawings and other supporting information from you, as mention above, Vaastu Report will be prepared with the help of rough sketch, assessments, descriptions and suggestions for corrections and then sent to you by email.

The whole processes may take 72 hours to reply you.

Consultation Fees

Consultation for EACH floor plan is @ $ 70 or equivalent : INR 4100/-
Mezz floor, basement & roof will be considered as a separate floor plan @ $ 70 or equivalent : INR 4100/-


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