The concept of Online Advance Vaastu Services is formulated on the basis of tested formulas of
Indian Vaastu Shashtra, Feng Shui and Geomancy by
Bhaskar Das – Vaastu Professional

Bhaskar Das
Vaastu Professional


Vaastu Consultation For

Vaastu Consultation for Children' is a popular and unique concept, formulated in combination of tasted formulas of

Indian Vaastu, Feng Shui and Geomancy
for happy and successful life journey of your beloved children

Vaastu Shashtra, Feng Shui and Geomancy are widely applied for designing HOME for healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.


is formulated as an additional support of upbringing your child as good human being with capacity of good understanging, proper communications, clarity of mind for better success in life.

'Vaastu Concepts for Children' is prepared for young parents'

It is needless to mention here that a child is the ultimate 'hope' for every parent.
You want to give your best for your child's health, physical & mental growth, education, behavior, habits, choice, culture, tradition and so on.


We Know


We all know that a large tree is sleeping inside a SEED. It comes out from the tiny seed when it gets in touch with the Panch-Bhoot (environmental elements) like – fire (sunlight), water, wind, soil and space.



Believe, like a seed ...


There is a genius / billionaire inside the brain-box of your beloved child, screaming to get out. It needs a key to unlock the door of the unconscious.


Proper application of the rules of Vaastu, Feng Shui & Geomancy in you home, especially in children's room will provide you the KEY to UNLOCK the doors of the unconscious (lying under the brain-box of your child) by proper distribution of natural energies in balanced form.


Energy-friendly children-room will lead your child to a developed, progressive, peaceful, safe, mindful, balanced and happier way of life in future.



'Vaastu Concepts for Children' is a amazing way of nurturing the creative mind of your future change-makers. In fact – ‘beginner’s mind’ is said to be –


1. An attitude of openness
2. Eagerness and
3. Lack of preconception



Your child is open to exploration, discovery and experimentation. He / she learns about his / her world around and discovering what’s possible and what not.


Your child is hard-wired to be creative, imaginative and innovative – abilities which may diminish along the way unless you arrange for a good surrounding and learning environment.


Therefore you have to design children-room as energy-friendly for smooth mental and behavioural developments.


Proper applications of Advance Vaastu concept in your children’s room will help to make your child a good human being, form a strong bond of understanding between child and parent and lead your child to a sure and stable future.


Five Senses
The Gift of Nature

God is very kind to His every child. Each child is blessed with Life-Time and 5 sensory organs. In fact Life-Time and 5 senses (smell, sight, hearing, touch & taste) are ‘the gift of nature’ and treasure for every child.


Your child needs a place (children’s room and home surroundings) to spend childhood and to receive proper nourishment for 5 sensory organs.


'Vaastu for Children' will guide you to form proper energy-friendly environment in your kid's / children's room, which will support them for 'balanced' nourishments of FIVE SENSES

Onine Vaastu Report on
Kids & Children Room

Online Vaastu Report will cover following important points with rough sketch

  1. Comments on location of room in your residence

  2. Comments on shape of the room

  3. Magnetic axis & energy pattern

  4. Situation of bed in the room

  5. Situation of Study area in the room

  6. Situation of play and extracaricular activities

  7. Suggestions for applications of colour in the room

  8. Suggestions for light & ventilations

  9. Suggestions for sound and music

  10. Suggestions for application of perfume ... and

  11. Many more


You have to provide following information

  • Copy of drawing of your residence with marking of kid's room (proposed or existing)

  • Drawing of existing OR proposed kid's room

  • Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY) of the kid(s) / child occupy the room

  • Specific queries, if any


Processes of ONLINE Consultations

After receiving drawings and other supporting information from you, as mention above, Vaastu Report will be prepared with the help of rough sketch, assessments, descriptions and suggestions for corrections and then sent to you by email.

The whole processes may take 72 hours to reply you.

Consultation Fees

Consultation for EACH floor plan is @ $ 100 or equivalents : INR 6000/-


Payment Option

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