The concept of Online Advance Vaastu Services is formulated on the basis of tested formulas of
Indian Vaastu Shashtra, Feng Shui and Geomancy by
Bhaskar Das – Vaastu Professional

Bhaskar Das
Vaastu Professional

MR. BHASKAR DAS - Vaastu Professional

All kinds of Industries, Projects, Bungalows, Home, Offices, Stores & so on Since 1992.


During his 23 years of profession – Mr. Bhaskar Das has consulted more than 1200 Industries (large / medium & small),
44 Tea Estates, more than 15 hospitals, many educational institutes, corporate offices, and bungalows and so on.


A certain number of Corporate Companies, Tea Estates, and leading Real Estate Developers of India retain him
as their group consultant.



Industrial Feng Shui

Applications of Industrial Feng Shui (IFS) concepts in Industries will make you understand Energy Gaps in your Industries / Business and to function effectively for growth and prosperity.

For detail information about 'Industrial Feng Shui'; its' method, processes of consultation and client list - you may click following link.


Tea Estate Vaastu Consultation

Tea is world’s most consumed beverage after water. In India alone, approximately 1181 M kg of tea is expected to produce during 2014.

About 11,80,820 Hector of land is under tea production in India (Assam, W-Bengal, S - India and N-India). At other end of value chain, Tea Estates in India provide a vital source of employments, in some of the India’s poorest areas.

Most of the Tea Estates are facing problems of

Mindful and stable managerial forces

Frequent rotations of managerial staffs

Similarly, lack of coordination between Top Managements and Garden managements hinder proper performances.

Improper layout of Tea-factory, wrong movements of materials, distribution of heat and ventilation, Geopathic stress in factory buildings; defects of manager’s office, bungalows and other areas of activities may affect QUALITY of productions.

Similarly surrounding factors like outside problems from local people, suppliers, local authorities etc. are also affecting smooth performances of the Tea Estates.


Vaastu Consultation on Home & Office

Every human being needs a HOME. A Vaastu Friendly home and working place will lead you to a peaceful, upgraded, wealthy and balanced life. A home means a place which ensures

  • Good health
  • Good understanding & better relationship amongst family members
  • Good attitudes
  • Peace of mind
  • Conjugal happiness
  • Good upbringing of children
  • Feelings of togetherness at home
  • Financial stability
  • Attractions to home, Good domestic help


Feng Shui for Shops & Stores

When it comes to retail, the right application of Feng Shui can bring quick and immediate results.

A better Feng Shui environment and nergy friendly atmosphere in a retail space will attract

More customers,
More sales and
A better mood for the people who work in the store.

Shopping is all about an emotional experience - we buy things to make us and our loved ones feel better. In other words, we are shopping for an experience, not just a particular item. By applying Feng Shui concepts - the vibrant energy in your store will take care of that special experience customers are looking for.

In case of retail, the energy of your store is felt even before customers decide to enter, so you should start applying Feng Shui rules by first stepping outside your store and taking a good, fresh look at your front entrance.


Vaastu on Real Estates Projects

Mr. Bhaskar Das is expert consultant of both Residential and Commercial Projects. Top Real Estate Developers like : Mani Group, Space Group, Silver Spring Group, Dhoot Group, Infinity Group, Siddha Group, Team Taurus Group and Martin Barn Group are consulting with Mr. Das for their premium projects.

Mr. Das got scopes of working with famous Architects like Lender 7 Co (UK), Eleph Design & Construct (UK), Architect Hafiz Contractor, J. P. Agarwal, Upal Ghosh, Rajeev Agarwal, Vinoo Chadha and others.



Categories of Industries & Projects Consulted By Mr. Bhaskar Das

  • Agricultural Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Aluminium Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Cosmetic Industry

  • Cement Industry

  • DRI Industry

  • Electronic Industry

  • Electrical Industries

  • Educational Institutes

  • Food Industry

  • Garment Industry

  • Hotels

  • Iron & Steel Industry

  • Medical Units / Hospitals

  • Mining Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Plastic Industry

  • Power Plants

  • Pollution Control Industry

  • Railway related Industry

  • Pulp & Paper Industry

  • Printing Packaging Ind.

  • Residential Project

  • Sugar Industry

  • Solar Project

  • Software Companies

  • Tea Estates

  • Textiles & Jute Industries

  • Telephone Cable Industries

  • Wood-based Industries

  • Wine & Distilary Industry


Tea Garden Clients

Mr. Bhaskar Das has given Vaastu consultation to 43 Tea Estate of following groups.

  • Halmira Group (Arvind Newar)

  • B & A Group

  • MLD Group (GG Dalmia)

  • DM Group (DK Mantri)

  • Kanco Group (Umong Kanoria)

  • PK Daga Group

  • NW Cachar Group (Bagla)

  • Kanoi Group

  • Siv Bagaria Group

  • Hari Ram Garg Group

  • Vikram Group

  • Bajoria Group

  • Kejriwal Group

  • Mintri Tea Co

  • BL Sutodiya Group


ONLINE Vaastu Consultation on
Residence, office, project, floor plans
of any kind can be given ONLINE


Why Online Consultation?

It is because we are living in a busy life. It sometimes becomes very difficult to find enough time to have personal meeting / consultations to take decisions. Online consultation will be

Time friendly
Cost friendly

More detailed and, you will get written report with suggestions within few hours.


For Online Vaastu Consultation, you have to send E-mail containing following information to contact@bhaskardas.com

Drawing(s) of (Residence / Office) with indication of the indication of magnetic directions

Information about your family structure,

Information about career / business / profession,


Vaastu Consultation by Site Visit

After receiving your assignments, Mr. Das will inspect your site / industry / project tom understand Vaastu merits and defects.

He requires a site map at the time of inspection.


Detail map and floor plans will be helpful.
In case of an existing unit he needs a person (may be owner / manager) to be along with him during site visit, who can tell story / history of structures, changes made during last 5-10 years.


Mr. Das will discuss important points / problems of the project / industry / site finds in your project and will understand your problems and future requirements.


A written ‘Vaastu Audit report’ will be prepared and send to you by email.


He will clarify the problems of understanding written in ‘Vaastu Audit Report’.


Fees will be on the basis of size and volume of the assignments.


Real Estate Projects

At present Mr. Das is consulting premium projects like 42 Chowringhee (tallest building in Kolkata 64 stories), JW Marriot Hotel, Siddha Sky (35 stories), Swarnamani, Silver Valley (Bungalow housing), Nibra Mass Housing, Mani Casadona, IQ City (project on 100 acre of land), BelleVue Nursing Hospital, South Point School etc.



Gole Park Co-operative Housing Society
Flat - 7/3/A1
49B, Gobindapur Road, Lake Gardens
Calcutta - 700045
West Bengal
E-mail : contact@bhaskardas.com 
Cell : +91 98300 32464



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