The concept of Online Advance Vaastu Services is formulated on the basis of tested formulas of
Indian Vaastu Shashtra, Feng Shui and Geomancy by
Bhaskar Das Vaastu Professional

Bhaskar Das
Vaastu Professional

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Estimated Time of delivery of services

  o Normally 72 - 96 hours require from receipt your order to deliver consultation services,
  o Sometimes it may take slightly more hours for delivery if we receive excess orders at a time or due to fault in Internet services.
  o An email message will be sent to you notifying Time of delivery of services for your order.
  o Consultation services will be delivered by email
  o Document will be either in .pdf form or power point format


Delivery Charges

  o Mode of delivery of products (consultation service) will be done through E-mail.
  o Therefore, no deliver charge will be required for e-consultations.


Are there any hidden costs for shipping?

  o No hidden is involved in our consultation services.


Track my order

You will receive confirmation email with tracking number once your order is shipped (emailed). Log-on to my account section of bhaskardas.com.

If we fail to deliver consultation services within intimated time you will be asked to approve some more time for delivering consultation services. If you do not approve extension of time you will have right to cancel your order within 24 hours and your ordered money will be pay back to you.


Return / Cancellation

We ensure hassle free online consultation services. Comprehensive return policy is as follows.

Consultation services are not physical delivery of goods. Therefore, return of services will not occur.
If any part of the report (text or sketch part) is corrupted or not readable, we shall re-deliver the service report after getting your confirmation. It may take 24-36 hours to re-deliver the service-report. You have to confirm such problems within 24 hours of receiving or service-report.

Order cancellation will be accepted within 24 hours of placing orders because your order will start proceeding immediately after receiving your order.



Service report will be written in (Indian) English language.

If you find problems of understanding any point you are requested to send an email mentioning the points and issue needs clarifications.

After receiving your email we shall clarify your doubts (if any) by answering your queries (through e-mail).
It may take 3-4 days time to answer you.
Please note that giving supports to customers are our motto.



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What Do You Want? 

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